Jun 30

The Calm Before the Storm

Connie and I went to my post-op checkup on Friday.  Yes, I drove.  While there we had a more light-hearted conversation with Dr. Katz.  He’s very down to earth and easy to talk to.  We had a nice discussion about colleges as we are in the middle of our college search for Grant.  

During the checkup, Dr. Katz looked at how much my eyes had changed following the surgery.  While I gathered the surgery was successful, the change was not as drastic as he had hoped.  That was just my impression.  He asked that I come back in 6 weeks to see how things are progressing.  

By then, one of my high school classmates will be working at his office.  I can’t tell you how “small world” that is.  Kim and I graduated in a class of 99 students in 1985.  Our school is 2 hours north of Columbus in the middle of corn fields.  Our “home” town has a population of 985, plus “one sorehead” (whatever that means).  We weren’t best friends in high school, but have connected as “friends” on Facebook.  There’s something to this whole social networking thing.   

When we walked out of the appointment I had to take a phone call for work, as we sat in the parking lot.  While sitting there in 98 degree heat, with the air conditioning on, the skies began to darken.  Once the call was over we made our way to the baseball fields where Colin was supposed to have a double-header that evening.  Before we got there, the winds began to howl and rain pelted the car.  Debris was blown into the roadway and you could see tree branches breaking.  

We safely made our way to the baseball fields and eventually home as the games were cancelled.  Part of the evening became a family pizza night.  The remainder of the evening we saw everyone doing there own thing.  Grant went to a friend’s party, Jess stuck her nose in the computer and Colin played with a friend.  All this while Connie and I walked the neighborhood to survey the damage.  By then the temperature had cooled to the low 70’s.   

As I sit here, on Saturday morning, all that I can hear outside is the buzzing of chainsaws.  There’s no calm for some this morning.  

Jun 21

The date is done!

My surgery went well yesterday.  Dr. Katz told Connie that he really wouldn’t know how successful it was until my follow-up appointment on June 29th.  

As of right now, my vision isn’t as good as when I went in for surgery.  Connie and I think that’s mostly due to a little swelling.  This is really me, Brian, typing this update.  So, it’s liveable. 

I’ll see you when I see you.  

Jun 04

We have a date!

Not that kind of date. I have a date for my first surgery on my eyes.  It’s June 20th at 10:30.  This has been a long time coming.  The distance between steps in the road to recovery has been long.  It’ll be great to start the next chapter.

Telling people that I just had brain surgery sounds so daunting.  Now I can just say that my latest surgery was on some muscle. That doesn’t sound right either.  Maybe I’ll say eye surgery.  But then they’ll look at me and say that I should get my money back.  Who cares.

Just a reminder from my earlier posts, this surgery will allow my double vision to be on the same horizontal plane.  In 3-4 months I’ll have another surgery to bring my forward-looking gaze on the same vertical plane.  It’s a lot easier to explain if I can use my hands.

After that comes my frontalis (not lobotomy and not whiskey) sling.  That’ll allow my right lid to open with the raise of my brow.  I’m quite a science project and glad to be here.