Sep 05

Some Days Are Diamonds…

…Some Days are Stone.  It’s like I always said, some days are better than others.  Although, I wouldn’t call any of them a stone.  They all have redeeming qualities as different bends in the road of life.  Connie might disagree, since lately my attitude and demeanor has been that of “a grumpy old man”.  I’ve got no problem with that.  She should know, we celebrated our 22nd anniversary last Saturday.  We commemorated the day by watching our friend’s kids while they went to the OSU football game.  Their ages were 14, 10 and 3-1/2 months.  This is when the record scratches and you blow the coffee out of your mouth.  That’s right, little Macormick is 3-1/2 months old.  (I looked on Facebook to be sure)  We had a chance to relive our days when we were young parents.  It was awesome but at the end of the day he had to go home.

Personal pressures continue to mount and excuses continue to be excuses.  They will only make it that much sweeter when I come out on top.  On August 10th, I had another doctor’s (Katz) appointment to see how my eyes were progressing after surgery.  Unfortunately, he felt like they had regressed.  When I told him there are days when my left eyelid droops even further, he sent me for a blood test to see if I had some sort of infection.  That was more than three weeks ago and they haven’t called.  I guess that’s good news.  My next appointment is scheduled for September 21st.  At that point, we should be able to schedule the next surgery.  We’ll see how that goes.

In my last two posts, I told you about Grant and Jessica.  Here’s a little bit about our youngest child Colin.  He becomes a teenager in a month.  Do I need to go any further?  OK, I will anyway.  He’s long been known as “buddy”.  He’s recently taken on other nicknames such as C-Wags and Juice Box.  He his a pretty handsome kid with freckles and blue eyes.  Like the other two kids, he is smart and talented.  Yes, all these are traits that he got from his mother.  He’s a saxophone, basketball and baseball player.  He also likes to skateboard, juggle and the latest…he runs.  He probably runs farther than some people like to drive.  With all of this exuberance comes a lot of confidence and a great attitude.

All of our kids are precious.  They all have their own personalities and interests.  Life gets too busy, but there are times when you just have to stop and reflect on what we have and the lives that we’re able to live.  There are many times when the weather is bad and we can stay in our houses protected from the elements.  Not everyone has that.  I haven’t always made the right decisions, but all the rights and wrongs in my life have made me what I am.  It’ll be fun to see where their paths will take them.  All days are really diamonds.  Sometimes you just have to look for them.