Feb 24

Grant’s 18 in 10 days

Holy Cow!  On March 6th, my oldest son will be able to vote.  His seventeenth birthday meant that we couldn’t claim him as a deduction on our taxes.  This means that he has to register for the Selective Service which, among other things (I think), makes him eligible for the draft.   The next thing you know …  (don’t say it).  I’ll never forget the day that I went to the Wayne, Ohio Post Office for my registration.  I’ll also never forget the day he was born.  This doesn’t seem possible.  We’re very proud of all that he has accomplished and love him very much.

Since I last wrote (blogged), Grant and I have attended scholarship visits for the Honors Program at Cincinnati and the Illinois Institute of Technology.  We made memories during both of those visits that will last a lifetime.  I remember where I was, mentally, when I was in my senior year of high school and he is light years ahead.  (I can write that because I’m sure that he’ll never read this!)  Both schools have highly respected architecture programs and, depending on the money situation, I’m sure that we have a tough decision in front of us.  The decision deadline is May 1st.  As a side note, he’s leaning heavily toward the University of Cincinnati.

On February 19th I met with Dr. Katz again to discuss my eyesight.  He’s disappointed, because it appears that I have regressed since my second-to-last surgery.  He’s curious about my double vision and the position of my right eye.  He muttered everything from Myasthenia Gravis to additional issues with the Cavernous Malformation.  It’s too early (that seems strange to type), but he’s asked that I have another MRI (this Tuesday) and bring in those images to compare against my last MRI (taken about a year ago).

The good thing  is that my mom already has all of this information.  You see, on Friday, Connie and I went to dinner at Moretti’s (one of our favorite places).  As we were there I got a text from my nephew Heath, who also lives in Hilliard.  He was planning to visit my mom and dad early the next morning.  Visiting on a Saturday morning includes bacon, eggs (cooked in bacon fat) and toast (with lots of butter :-)) while spending time with several family members.  This week included a small group of 10.  Part of the reason for the visit was to talk with several family members about a multi-purpose dome that he plans to build in Hilliard.  This endeavor is part of the Bo Jackson Elite Sports franchise.

Please wish the old guy (Grant) a happy birthday.  I’m tempted to give you his phone number, but I’ll refrain.  He’d be flummoxed.   (look it up)  My kids get more embarrassed by me every day.  If you ever want to know your faults just ask a teenager.