Mar 04

Ahhhh! I’ve got a brain cramp.

I know that I have things that I need to tell you.  I’m just not sure about my delivery.  I can’t tell you how many times I wake up in the middle of the night and think about things to write.  But, here I sit on Sunday night wallowing in a lack of words.

I can remember a time when I served on church council and had to say a prayer after devotions were read.  Being a Christian in the Catholic Church was much different from the Lutheran Church, at least for me.  I became more involved and learned to lead others in prayer.  My extemporaneous prayer, that night, started with me asking “please Lord give me the words” over and over and over.  Finally, it hit me (maybe God did)  He reminded me of our dinner prayer that evening at home.  My three year-old, now thirteen, asked if we could say the “God prayer” instead of the Johnny Appleseed prayer.  To him, that meant the Lord’s Prayer our Our Father depending on your preference.    So, that’s how we kicked off church council.  The Lord’s Prayer, not Johnny Appleseed.

This current part of my life seems to be getting a little “long in the tooth'”.  According to my good friend Internet, that saying comes from a 19th Century expression that comes from the barnyard. As a horse gets older, its gums move back and the teeth appear longer.  Yes, in short, this is getting old.

On February 19th, I had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Katz.  As usual, he took measurements of where my vision in each eye is located.  As usual images were not where he would have expected them.  Things, again, seemed very unpredictable.  Dr. Katz and his Fellow started talking and Connie, who didn’t even sleep in a Holiday Inn Express last night, says “do you think the other Cavernous Malformation has something to do with this?”  Huh, (this is not a direct quote) we hadn’t thought of that.

We’ve come to figure out that they’ve been doing a great job of treating the symptoms and forgotten about the cause.  Not to mention that half of the cause is still in the middle of my brain stem.  Just to rule out Myasthenia Gravis, they sent me for blood tests that same day.  Negative.  The following Tuesday, the 26th, I had an MRI.  These particular tests are also getting old.  I could fill a blog about those alone.  Long story short, that afternoon I was in Dr. Katz’s office (as scheduled on the 19th).  He was quite surprised at the lesion size and location.  What can I say?  I’m all of that and a bag of chips. 🙂

Now, he wants to wait for at least 6 months before any further surgeries.  My next appointment with him is on April 2nd.  I’m considering pulling a George Jetson.  You know, during the credits when he’s being sucked up and whipped around by the “out of control” treadmill.  His idea was to take Astro for a walk, but ended up with whiplash.  All you can hear is George yelling, ” Jane, stop this crazy thing!”  I think I’m ready to get off of this ride and be who I’m going to be.

In case you’re wondering how the Johnny Appleseed prayer goes, please comment on this blog and I’ll send it to you.