Jul 03

Something bad happens each time they walk out that door

From the desk of the eternal optimist.  I’m exaggerating and paranoid when I say that, “Something bad happens each time they walk out that door.”  It seems morbid, I know, but that’s how I process things…sometimes…not always.  My kids, they are my masterpiece.  They’re the best thing that I’ve ever had a part in creating.  Please notice that I didn’t say that I single-handedly created.  That would be far from accurate and Connie would slap me.  I don’t know what I would do without them.  Bracing myself for bad news seems to help and take my worry away.   Whenever they leave for anything, they will always hear “good-bye, be careful, I love you”.  My heart aches every time they walk out the door.

I’ll never know, I hope, how my mom and dad did it.  You see, I’m the youngest of ten.  But as I’ve told you before, two of my brothers are no longer with us.  The first to die was Mike Allen.  He was born on one of my favorite days, April 1st.  If you’re a new reader to my blog, I should tell you that this is the day that Jessica (my daughter) had angioplasty surgery (’04), Connie (my wife)  had a tumor removed from her pelvis (’09) and I had brain surgery (’11).  One of these days we’re going to have a party like none-other on April 1st (’14 ???).

My second brother to die was Ray Patrick.  He was 4 years older than me and he died in an auto accident coming home from his  girlfriend’s house late one Saturday night.  It was a little more than a month before he would have graduated from high school.

Thirty minutes after I started to write these words (in this blog post) my daughter comes to me and says that she was supposed to be picked up half an hour ago.  Her ride just called to say that they were going to be late, because they were in an accident.  Coincidence?  I think not.  This is what’s known as a “God moment”.

Sometimes we talk about Him as though He can’t hear us.  In reality there are only times that we can’t (or won’t) hear Him.  During “God moments” he turns up the volume and drowns out the business of our daily live.  Just remember, whether you believe in Him or not, he still believes in you.

Have you had a God moment?  Tell me about it and please be safe this holiday.