Apr 01

Happy Anniversary!

To my daughter, Jessica.  It was ten years ago today that she had balloon-angioplasty at the tender age of six.  She came into this world with three heart defects which required surgery.  This surgery was required to let her scar tissue grow like she did.  We should have known how much she would change our lives when we decided on her name.  It means God exists.

To my wife, Connie.  It was five years ago today that she had surgery to remove “tumor of the bone” from her pelvis.  The golf ball sized hole was filled back in with bone-cement.  She has been everything to me and this family.  I wish simple words could convey her impact, but that’s not possible.  However, I promise to try.

These are two beautiful young women that God has put in my life for a purpose.  They’ve showed me how to do it.  They’ve made my third anniversary possible.

If you’re interested in learning how we do it, you’re welcome to attend our “Come See What I See” conference calls or the “Activating Your Vision” conference, on June 6th.

No foolin’.