Sep 14


Over the last 12 months a lot has changed for me.  I’m sure that it has for you too.  The rollercoaster of life has made me nauseous.  Some days I just want to step off.  Some days I crave it like a drug. Some days I want it all to go away.  Some days I feel like I’m making an impact.  Some days I’m dreaming to live.  Some days I’m living the dream.

There are times when I’m sure that I’m loved.  Then there are times that I wonder why I am loved.

Am I any different than you?  If you look at my picture, you may think so. Looking at the outside this may seem realistic.  Looking from the inside-out is a much different image.  If you’re reading these words, this may sound foreign.  The words don’t always match.  Living this life isn’t always easy.

Do I have you off balance, yet?

The push and pull, the give and take, the shake and rattle all make up this life we live.

I’m here to tell you that it’s all about how you start.  The first impression means everything.  The first test you take is important.  How you deal with the first crisis will reveal you.  How you handle the first meeting will be, good or bad, when you can get pigeon holed.  I’ll never forget the first time that I entered a job that was (what I thought was) a terrible job, a dead-end relationship or a meeting that I didn’t want to be in.

It’s doesn’t have to be that way.  I have the secret for getting off to a better start.  You may think you know what my answer is.  You might even be right?