Apr 03

I still lick the frosting, but don’t always save it for last!

My mom is one of the best cook’s that I know.  To this day, she makes mostly everything without a recipe.  This goes for everything from casseroles, to cookies, to carrot cakes to pies.

When I was a kid, my mom always made chocolate cake with brown sugar frosting.  Without fail I would HAVE to help her clean the bowl where she mixed the frosting.  After our main course, the best way to eat said dessert, of course, is to save the frosting for last.  This may not be the same for you, but to me, it’s like the band playing their best songs last.  It’s what you can easily remember and savor the most.

There was sometimes a problem with my culinary intake.  My seat was immediately to my dad’s right.  You might wonder, why would that be a problem?  Well, my dad didn’t think that was the proper way for this dessert to be eaten.  Either that or he just liked being ornery.  You see, if I took my eye off of my plate and let my guard down his fork would quickly finds its way on to my plate and he would take the prized frosting that I had saved for the last.

The frosting was the best part and I just wanted to save for last.  To this day, I still like to “lick the beaters” and sometimes save the best for last.

It was this time of year, 5 years ago, that my life changed forever.  What happened?  During those dark days, I pledged to help others overcome adversity.  One year ago, my dad lost his life.  During and after his dying days, my focus changed.  It’s time for me to get back to my pledge.  I think it’s what dad would want me to do, with my primary focus of providing for my family.  As dad used to say, “working for a living has its drawbacks.”

I may still save the frosting for last, when I have mom’s cake.  But, following my pledge means that I will share what I have with others.