Our Kid’s Know What It Takes!

Over the past few days Connie and I have been on a college movement crusade.  First, we took our daughter to Bowling Green to begin her first year as a college student.  She’s a bright and beautiful girl who fills her dad with pride.  I still remember the day that we found out about her heart condition.  This condition would cause her to have heart surgery when she was only four months old.

Now, she’s moved in with 5 other freshman girls into the dorms at BGSU and is ready to take on the challenges of a full workload.  All of that with a part-time job working for her Aunt Cathy in the same college.  I can honestly say that I’m proud that she’s a Falcon…even though I’m a Rocket!

Once we had gotten her started to settle in, we returned home.  The next day we left for Chicago to pick up our oldest son Grant from his summer co-op.  He had a successful and rewarding experience at Gary Lee Partners, which is predominantly an Interior Design firm.  Having said that, they do have 2 architects on staff which is the path that Grant is taking.  We learned, in his final review, that the company left the door open for Grant to return someday (who knows if that will happen).  Additionally, they encouraged him to tell his classmates about the company for future co-ops.

The best part of the trip was being alone with only them and their phones. 🙂  We never have a problem with Jess opening up, but it’s always good to talk with her.  Grant continues to become more talkative.  He’s witty and even sarcastic, like Jess.  They’re their own people.  Much like Colin who held the fort down in Hilliard, as he started back to school (as a Junior in high school) with an old car and black-and-blue toe.

There’s such a joy and peace know that they know…what it takes!


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