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Back when I was a kid in high school we had a “CC” team that ran through the cornfields of Northwest Ohio.  It wasn’t a large team, but it brought with it a great sense of belonging and diversity.  I always thought that the “CC” stood for Cross County.  For some reason, in the past few years there have been quite of few “XC” teams popping up.  What’s that all about?

One of them is the Hilliard Darby XC.  They’re running the streets of Central Ohio, since there’s not much farm ground left where I live.  However, much like Elmwood (my alma mater) there is even greater sense of belonging and more diversity.

It’s a great team with a great coaching staff.  They have a “growth mindset” and team motto of LEAP.  It stands for Love Energy Audacity and Proof.  The investment that they make into these kids is incredible.

I spoke with them about “self-limiting beliefs” and how you can overcome them.  It’s an important part of the process as we go from Blind to Sight to Vision.  It’s something that we all should go through.  Once you do, your “eyes will be open” (pun intended) to much more.  Since I’ve lost part of my sight, my vision is better than it’s ever been.

I had been thinking that the “X” probably represented a cross or maybe even a place holder for whatever running you’d like to do.  Whether it’s cross country or short country or no country J.

Maybe it has do with the diversity that the sport allows for, since almost anyone can run.  We don’t have tryouts and anyone can be on the team.  It doesn’t matter if your 5K time is sub 16 minutes or 25 minutes plus.

Maybe this is it.

When “who” you are matters more than “what” you are, X.

Mike drop.


Thanks for allowing me to talk with you.  God is good.

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