Time to Reconnect

This afternoon I’m taking a trip.  I’m going to a place where I can disconnect and be who I am.  It’s a place like none other.  It’s a place where time stands still.  It’s a place where most people can’t go.  Many people don’t even want to go.  It’s a place that brings me back to who I am and where I’m from.

Do you ever wonder why we have to go to different physical location to experience life differently?  Why can’t we experience life differently but stay in the same place?  Why can’t we get more from life by getting less?

I have the good fortune of doing that today.  I’m experiencing who I am and where I’m from without leaving town.  This was my morning.  Later this afternoon, I’ll take a trip with my daughter for another time to reconnect.

It takes me to the corner of Thurstin & E. Court Street in Bowling Green, Ohio.  It will remind me of the “street corner” that I sat at this morning.  Have you ever been there?

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Hello, I'm Brian Wagner. I'm the father of three and the husband of one. Before I was any of that I was the youngest of ten that grew up on a tomato farm in Northwest Ohio. Life wasn't always easy. Some think that I was spoiled growing up as the baby. Well I'm still the baby and I'm still growing up. Maybe those two things are related. When I was ten years old I started to have have severe headaches and eventually blacked out. It took the doctors quite some time but they eventually decided that I would have to have a shunt put in that drains fluid from my brain to my abdomen. This put an end to my aspirations to be a great football player. Since then, I've had brain surgery, been in a coma (a few times) and have been left with limited use of my eyes. When the issue of March 2011 took place, I decided that I needed to do something about it. It's my mission to help people overcome adversity, just like I have, and have HOPE for the future. My kids need to know my story, but so does the world. I hope you enjoy my website EyeNeedHope.com. Here is where I will serve my tribe. Please pull up a chair and feel free to join us.

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