Nov 15

There’s a Resource Action AND You’re Affected

Are you kidding me?

I laughed at him?  You can’t be serious.  I’m having a lot of success in the position that I’ve only held for 4 months.

This doesn’t make any sense.  “I’m sorry, but this is what I’ve been told.  This isn’t what I thought my job would be”.

This is a conversation that nobody ever wants to have.  It sucks.  It’s stupid.  It sucks.


The decision has been made.  Fighting is futile.  All that’s left now is to see how I respond to it.

In life, we all have Events every day.  Some are big (like losing your job) and some are small (like forgetting to take out the trash on garbage day).  What matters more than the Event is your Response.  The Event plus your Response will determine your Outcome.

E + R = O

This isn’t something that I’ve thought up.  It’s a real thing called “The R Factor”.  Look it up at

Urban Meyer has implemented it on his Buckeye Football Team.  It’s something that’s being implemented into our community’s school system.  It’s changing the way we approach learning, living and loving.  It’s even had a positive effect on my marriage.

In addition to that, it helped me on October 28th at 10:30 when my manager called me into his office.  It allowed me to Pause, Get My Mind Right and Respond with Above the Line Behavior.

This is why I’m excited for this new chapter in my life as more of my energy flows to my writing and speaking career.   Please pray for my success in this new adventure as I strive to help others to Overcome Adversity.