Hello, I’m Brian Wagner. I’m the father of three and the husband of one.

Before I was any of that I was the youngest of ten that grew up on a tomato farm in Northwest Ohio. Life wasn’t always easy. Some think that I was spoiled growing up as the baby. Well I’m still the baby and I’m still growing up. Maybe those two things are related.

When I was ten years old I started to have have severe headaches and eventually blacked out. It took the doctors quite some time but they eventually decided that I would have to have a shunt put in that drains fluid from my brain to my abdomen. This put an end to my aspirations to be a great football player.

Since then, I’ve been in and out of hospitals and through a number of surgeries.  In March of 2011, one of two Carvernous Malformations in my brain-stem hemorrhaged.  My world went dark and I decided that I needed to do something about it. Brain surgery followed one month later.  Since then there have been three surgeries to correct my vision, with limited success.

Now, it’s my mission to help people overcome adversity, just like I have, and have HOPE for the future. My kids need to know my story, but so does the world.

I hope you enjoy my website EyeNeedHope.com. Here is where I will serve my tribe. Please pull up a chair and feel free to join us.

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  1. Nice! Look forward to you sharing your vision and positive perspective….give me a heads up when you “go existential” so I’ll make sure I’ve have had a cup of jo.

  2. Hi Brian. I’m trying really hard to remember, but I think you were an upperclassmen at Elmwood when I was there. I had no idea you had these challenges back then, but then again I was so wrapped up in myself I doubt I would have honestly cared much. Praise God, I have a story of my own that led me to humble myself and recognize that I was not the center of the universe. Jesus Christ changed and continues to change me on a minute by minute basis.

    The more I strain my alzheimers inflicted brain cells, the more I think maybe you were actually younger than I. Did you have a brother named Tom Wagner? (He was one of my greatest persecutors back in the day.) I’m sure we would laugh about it today….but I just wonder if you and he are bro’s.

    Well, keep writing here. God willing, someone in need of a true story of personal victory through the Lord will surely stumble here. (Of course, we know it’s not by accident!)


    • Bryan, Tom and I were classmates but not related. We graduated in ’85. His family is from Bloomdale and mine is from Wayne. Not that this matters, but a fun fact. We all have stories that are behind us. Thankfully, we get to live the eternal life that is ahead of us.

      Thanks for the note. I hope you are doing well. Please download my “Manifesto” and you will be signed up to receive my blog outside of Facebook. You never know when that relationship may change.

  3. Hello Brian, This is the first I have found your blog and I am so impressed with your courage. Keep up the mission, it is a great blessing that you have discovered yours. So many never find there’s and it goes unfulfilled. How tragic for those who never have their “eyes opened” Love you my fellow EHS Royal

    • Hi Debbie,

      Thanks for the note. I’m actually rebranding from Eye Need Hope to A Radical Vision. The idea is for this to be my new career.

      I appreciate your support!


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